March 1, 2024

Sensory Violation

UK Hardcore Techno

( With a little help from my American friends… )

(1999 – 2010)

July 2010

SV 012 Fiend vs Hammer Damage “The Social Outcasts EP”
“The Vicious”
“Living In Fear”
“Rumble Strips”
“Legalize It”

October 2007

SV 011 Deathmachine vs Hammer Damage “The Noise Pollution EP”
“Paralysed By Fear”
“Twisted Visions”
“The Sorcerer”
“Are You Ready”

December 2006

SV 010 Various Artists “The Hammered ‘n’ Damaged EP”
“Undesirable Side FX” (Fracture 4’s Dirty Bomb Mix)
“They’re All Cunts” (Max Death’s Tuff Shit Mix)
“Monumental Depression
(Matt Green’s Cake Mix)
(Morpeth Ely Cunt Mix)

September 2006

SV 009 Hammer Damage “The Organised Chaos EP”
“Old School Overhaul”
“Spin Cycle”
“Dawn Of The Shed”

October 2004

SV 008 Total Output, Nod.E & Hammer Damage “The Sonic Assault EP”
“None Of This Is Real”
“Distorted Information”

September 2002

SV 007 Hammer Damage “The Endless Cycle EP”
“Bigger Kicks” (Slightly Shorter Version)
“I Don’t Need Forgiveness”
“No. Not This Fuckin’ Time”

April 2002

SV 666 Hammer Damage “The Severely Mashed EP”
“They’re All Cunts”
“Demons R.I.P.”
“Happy Pills For The Dutchman”

June 2001

SV 005 Hammer Damage “The Psychotic Reaction EP”
“Project Mayhem”
“No More” featuring The Tyrant & Nevermind

November 2000

SV 004 Hammer Damage “The Dimensional Distortion EP”
Help Us
“F.U.K.D. (Monumental Depression)” featuring Pariah
“Non, Merci”

June 2000

SV 003 Hammer Damage “The Chemical Imbalance EP”
“We Are Evil”
“C U Next Tuesday”

September 1999

SV 002 Total Output, Ordeal & Hammer Damage “The Dark Shadow EP”
“Hardcore Hooligan”
“Lethal Protonic Injection”
“Mr Quik”

April 1999

SV 001 Hammer Damage “The Acid Casualty EP”
The Demons
“Undesirable Side FX”
“Paranoid Trip”

In the closing months of 1998, whilst working at Underground Music HQ, Spliffy, the mild mannered assistant, was hatching a plan….His plan was to start a new record label to release his own brand of computerized chaos on to the unsuspecting public. And now, with the assistance of Simon, his madness could be unleashed…. So after a few cups of tea, a couple of hearty spliffs and much deliberation on what it was going to be called, Sensory Violation was born. So, in the beginning of 1999, “The Acid Casualty EP” was released and Hammer Damage had emerged from the shadows to assault the senses of all who dared listen to it…….