March 1, 2024


December 2022
(Digital Release)
CVNT 053 “Cistern Overload Vol 12” Gutter Cvnt (UK)
“Pain Threshold”

December 2020
Limited Cassette Release (& Digital Release)
CDR -TP-134 “2020 BAT V.0.0.0” Clan Destine Records (UK)
“We Just Want To Enjoy Ourselves”

December 2019
(Digital Release)
NNS 004 “No New Style!!! Compilation 004 : The Lost Tracks” No New Style (Italy)

March 2018
(Digital Release)
SWAN-104 “Torture Chamber V : The Final Chapter” Speedcore Worldwide (Germany)
“Where Is My Mind (30 Years Into The Future Mix)”

December 2017
(Digital Release)
LEGS-NET 150 “Legs Is Dead” Legs Akimbo Records (UK)
“I Like Doing Drugs”

June 2017
(Digital Release)
.NL008 “Urban Uprising Remixes” NSJ RBT// .NL (Holland)
Low Entropy “Urban Uprising (Hammer Damage Remix)”

September 2014
TD01 Threshold Driven (UK)
“Acid Scrawl”

January 2014
EAR 01 E.A.R. (Germany)
Fiend & Broken Rules “Acid Nuts” (Hammer Damage’s Nutty Acid Mix)

September 2013
(Digital Release)
T 025 “The Damaged Goods EP” Threshold Driven (UK)
“Acid Bath”
“See You On The Other Side” with Nod.E
“To Be Sure”
“Let’s Have Some Life”

July 2010
SV 012 “The Social Outcasts EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“Rumble Strips”
“Legalize It”

January 2008
NNLP 01 “Hard Twisted Mindz Remix Project” Needle Needs (France)
Budburnerz “Violin Malsain” (Hammer Damage’s Insane Mix)

October 2007
SV 011 “The Noise Pollution EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“The Sorcerer”
“Are You Ready”

December 2006
SV 009 “The Organised Chaos EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“Old School Overhaul”
“Spin Cycle”
“Dawn Of The Shed”

July 2005
Apoc 005 “Countdown Apocalypse” Apocalypse Records (USA)
“Morbid Fascination”

October 2004
SV 008 “The Sonic Assault EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“None Of This Is Real”

February 2004
Corrupt 8  Corrupt Records (UK)
“Jesus Didn’t Dance”

September 2002
SV 007 “The Endless Cycle EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“Bigger Kicks”
“I Don’t Need Forgiveness”
“No, Not This Fuckin’ Time”

April 2002
SV 666 “The Severely Mashed EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“They’re All Cunts”
“Demons R.I.P.”
“Happy Pills For The Dutchman”

June 2001
SV 005 “The Psychotic Reaction EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“Project Mayhem”
“No More” with The Tyrant & Nevermind

February 2001
Cunt 009 “Dark Clouds Above The North Sea” Cunt Records (Holland)
“Mind Control”

November 2000
SV 004 “The Dimensional Distortion EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“Help Us”
“F.U.K.D. (Monumental Depression)” with Pariah
“Non, Merci”

June 2000
SV 003 “The Chemical Imbalance EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“We Are Evil”
“C U Next Tuesday”

September 1999
SV 002 “The Dark Shadow EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“Hardcore Hooligan”
“Mr Quik

April 1999
SV 001 “The Acid Casualty EP” Sensory Violation (UK)
“The Demons”
“Undesirable Side FX”
“Paranoid Trip”

November 1997
Hani 018 “Ground Zero EP” Outcast Clan Records (UK)
“Crunching Plastic”