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Hammer Damage

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Taken from the old iteration of flaming pigs circa 2003… Enjoy…

It was the Summer of 1996, more than four years since the blissful times at Castlemorton Common, and Spliffy had finally put down his first finished track, “10 Miles”. It had been created over the past couple of days under the watchful eye of Total Output, his teacher in the ways of Cubase, deep in the Outcast Clan Studio, under the stairs in a house in Croydon. It was a sign of things to come with a mix of samples from the local news about the party at Castlemorton with the distinct gurgling from the TB303 and a driving 200bpm kick drum. This was the first of many visits for Spliffy to Sean’s studio in the next two years, mixing his endless collection of dark and bizarre samples from film, television, radio and his record collection with the music production skills of his mentor. There was a spark of intensity when the two of them were working together, they enjoyed each others company and frequently bounced ideas off each other. It was this that drove the music forward and it was in the studio under the stairs that amongst others, “The Demons”, “Hardcore Hooligan” and “Crunching Plastic” were all written, the latter to be released on the eighteenth Outcast Clan release “Ground Zero EP” in the close of 1997. Hammer Damage was born……..

@Connected 1999

Fast forward to the close of 1998 and Spliffy found himself working at Underground Music. It was here, with the help of Simon, that he set up his own record label and after much deliberation, tea and spliffs it was called Sensory Violation. Also at this time the final parts of Spliffy’s own studio were falling into place, having recently accquired a second-hand Atari, Akai S950 and Korg keyboard and a new 16 track mixer, things were progressing at an incredible rate. In April of 1999, SV001, “The Acid Casualty EP”, was released featuring four tracks from Hammer Damage that were recorded in 1996 and 1997 in Sean’s studio. There was a good response to the first release and Spliffy was busy DJing at H-Bomb in New York and at various free parties in London, spreading the sound of Sensory Violation, and in his free time he was working in his studio developing new material. In September the second release, “The Dark Shadow EP”, came out. It featured on the first side two tracks that were supposed to be released as a 7″ picture disc for Evil Spirit back in 1997, one by Hammer Damage the other from Ordeal, both recorded using Sean’s studio and on the flipside an exclusive reworking of “Lethal” from Total Output and another track from Hammer Damage, this time from his new studio set up. Live PA’s followed, the first at Connected in Rotterdam, a blinding night which saw the debut of “Help Us” in a skunk friendly atmosphere, followed by an unbelievable skunk session afterwards. The following year was Deliverance in Preston, where halfway through the set the Akai crashed and the PA was mercifully saved from silence with the quick thinking of Mr Mendez who was also playing that night. All was not lost, files were recovered and the second half of the PA resumed after a couple of Jason’s tracks… Then in June, to coincide with the release of “The Chemical Imbalance EP” the third release from Sensory Violation, it was Live Evil IV, in London, where Spliffy got there late and had to set up on the floor in a corner of the room, and because of the size of the venue there was water dripping off the ceiling into the mixer! Not such a good idea! But with towel in hand he soldiered on……

@Deliverance 2000

At the end of 2000 the next EP was released, “The Dimensional Distortion EP”, this time a three tracker from Hammer Damage, including a collaboration with Pariah from Aftershock Records. Luckily at the same sort of time Spliffy got to play out with a stand-in DJ appearance for Crossbreed in London where he was able to listen to his new tracks at unreasonable levels. More DJ work was to follow in the new year with appearances at Audio Autopsy in Glasgow and Resistance in Edinburgh. A lot of fun was had in Scotland, consuming loads and meeting new faces. Also after much confusion and pressing nightmares, Cunt 009 “Dark Clouds Above The Northsea” was released, with a Dutch side and a British side, the latter featuring the track “Mind Control” by Hammer Damage. At this time Spliffy, with the help of his older sister, was also setting up his website,, and then before his next PA he went back to Scotland for another night of excess at Resistance. Then, on a sunny weekend in May, was Fuelled By Hate in Newcastle and what a day that was. Spliffy had arrived at about lunchtime to set up, as it was on a boat, at about the same time as the speakers. The small problem being that the speakers were too big to fit on the boat. So a smaller set of speakers were sent for. The boat, in fact, wasn’t going on the promised jaunt up the river Tyne, it was remaining moored all night, in one of the nicest areas of Newcastle that you could imagine. Fun for us, apart from those who managed to fall in and of course the surrounding neighbourhood, who had been sat on their balconies watching with contempt keeping the local constabulary busy all night……. Soon after “The Psychotic Reaction EP” was released, again a three tracker from Hammer Damage, this time featuring a collaboration with Larry and Ruben from New York’s Apocalypse Recordings. This was followed by another PA at Live Evil, this time sharing the line-up with Bloody Fist’s Xylocaine and Nasenbluten, with a bigger venue and much more people, this turned out to be a blinding night of kick drum chaos till dawn…… And with another insane night out at Resistance in October and a new PA at Species in Manchester in December the year was through, and Spliffy looked forward to what the new year had in store for him……

@Fuelled By Hate 2001

It was in April that the sixth release from Sensory Violation came out, again a three tracker from Hammer Damage, featuring Spliffy’s homage to The Carpenters on the A-side, taken from the PA at Live Evil the year before. Then on the flipside a remix of “The Demons”, from the first EP, and the track that was originally written for the release on Cunt Records, which had been sent back, deemed to “promote” skinheadism. So to combat this impression the slogan “The only thing I have in common with a skinhead is my haircut!” and “You can’t judge a person by their haircut.” were created, and included on a card in every release. Following this release more DJ work followed with another storming night at Live Evil, another fun packed evening with the boys from Apocalypse over from the US, so a blunting good time was had by all… In September “The Endless Cycle EP” came out, followed by DJ work in London at Crawlin’ Underground in October and a live PA in Leicester. Oblivion was a great night, for the first time the speakers were facing the pa set up, so Spliffy got to experience the full force of one of his PA’s, And experienced the ringing in his ears for many days to come, bliss. The sign of a good night out! As for this year, things have been a little quieter, more time spent beavering away in his studio trying to fathom out the complexities of his new sampler. Another Live Evil to celebrate Simon’s birthday, and another PA, this time showcasing some of his older tunes, which still had people dancing at 5.30 in the morning, which can’t be bad. There are new releases in the pipeline too, a track on Corrupt 8 and an EP on Apocalypse Recordings to come, with possible releases on KS records in France, and Firewall in the UK. Also soon will see the release of “The Sonic Assault EP” a new release on Sensory Violation, a compilation of three tracks featuring Hammer Damage, Total Output and newcomer Nod.E. And that brings us to now…..

More to follow as it happens……

“Many thanks to all who have supported me, you know who you are.”