March 1, 2024

Be Safe, Party Hard, Happy Mayday…

A cheeky set of industrial acid chaos, for Hard Sound Radio, to warm up for the Teknival 2018… Broadcast on April 28th 2018… Enjoy…

There’s No K In Techno

MF Machinist – Labyrinth
MF Machinist – Striker
Bombdogs – Cancel The Apocalypse
Acid Basztard – Fracture
The Beastfuckers – 2 Be Freak
Outside Agency – Pathetic (VIP)
Somatic Responses – Dark Matter
Mange De La Bass 001 B
Earl Of Reformation – Rate 1 A2
Zenith – Flowers Of Intelligence
Nihilistic Sounds – Urals
Traffik – Incriminating Evidence (Matt Green’s Those Who Rule Remix)
Fiend & Sarin Assault – Fighting Is Futile
Traffik – Incriminating Evidence (Biochip C’s Igol-RX)
Somatic Responses – Junk Jam
Acid Gun – Running
Moleculez – Sweet Nightmare
Laurent Ho – Diklax
Stak Etop – Kiiski
DJ Loky – Metaltank
Moleculez – Static Drone (E-Edit)
Total Output – Anti 3

Recorded on a hill in France, 14th April 2018