March 1, 2024

Spliffy presents another Fucked Up! mix for December 2015…

Thankyou for the Acid… (A tribute to Colin Faver)

The majority of the following tracks were released in 1993 and 1994 and to be honest with you I heard most of them first on Colin Faver’s Kiss FM radio show. I had a friend in London record it for me on cassette tape (an ancient form of audio recording and playback) and send it to me in the post (my how things have changed!). I remember fondly popping those tapes into my tapedeck, excited to hear these tunes, some i had heard at parties or on mix tapes but the majority were new, fresh and like nothing i had heard before. All through these recordings the dulcit tone of Colin’s voice would feed me with information on artists and labels which gave me the opportunity to spend my visits to London trawling through record shops to try and find them for my own collection. I was aware of labels like Harthouse and Rising High, but labels like Boscaland, Edge Records, Djungle Fever, Drop Bass Network and Industrial Strength were all new to me, so search I did. Some of these records took me years to find (thankfully I discovered Underground Music), others I picked up at Choci’s Chewns, Pure Groove, Troublesome Records and occasionally from local record shops. Colin’s shows also first introduced me to the sounds of the Outcast Clan, after hearing Total Output’s “100%” and LSD Psychology’s “Conquest” (both are in this mix) I was blown away by the intensity of this music and after buying the records I decided to phone the number on the label. In November 1993 I was invited to visit Clan HQ in Croydon, it was there that I met Sean and Hanni and felt like I was home. The vibe at the parties in London at that time was truly special and on my many visits to Croydon in the following years I met many like minded individuals with similar tastes in music, films and ideals, the likes of User 1, Matt Green, Traffik, Troy, VDD Energize and the Mad Doktas to name a few. I even had a chance encounter with Simon and Sebastian from Spiral Tribe, remember that one well as I walked away with a hot off the press copy of SP-23001. Good times.

So i guess this is the music that shaped me, fucked up acidic basslines and big kicks … Still going strong after all these years…

I am eternally grateful for Colin sharing these sounds with me, and the information, as I now do with you. Full tracklisting below…


Colin Faver, 100% Hardcore… Rave in Peace…

Recorded on a cold November evening, on a hill, in France, 2015

Free Download from Mediafire

1.  Snippet from Spiral Tribe – Do Et [1992] Big Life Records (UK)
2.  User 1 – Luminance [1993] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
3.  Wethefukawi Tribe – B1 [1998] Eschaton (UK)
4.  Hardfloor – Lost in the Silver Box [1993] Harthouse UK/Rising High (UK) Licensed from Harthouse (Germany)
5.  Colone – Elevator Regained [1994] Labworks Recordings (Germany)
6.  Nico – Dominant Effect [1992] Adrenalin Records (USA)
7.  RND Technologies – Automorphism [1995] IST (USA)
8.  Rob Acid – Happy Answer (live at the warehouse mix) [1993] Internal Records (UK) Licensed from Injection Records (Germany)
9.  Mike Ink – Paroles (Original Mix) [1993] Edge Records (UK) Licensed from Structure (Germany)
10. DJ Hell – Taurin-Energie [1993] Disko B (Germany)
11. CJ Bolland – Springyard [1993] Universe/Rising High (UK) Licensed from R&S Records (Belgium)
12. GTO – The Passion (1) [1993] React (UK)
13. Phonki – Fight For Your Right [1995] Crapshoot (UK)
14. The Dentist – The Trip, the Roland, a Dentist & His Dagley [1993] Boscaland (UK)
15. Subwoofer Agte – Puma (Intense Remix) [1993] Underground Level Recordings (UK) Licensed from Crash (Germany)
16. Walker – Dont Fuck With Cologne B2 [1994] Djungle Fever (Germany)
17. DX-13 – Power Surge [1993] Industrial Strength (USA)
18. Machines – In The Machine (GTO Remix) [1993] MMR Productions (UK) and Industrial Strength (USA)
19. Nurishment – Surgery [1999] Stark Recordings (UK)
20. Spicelab – Ant Attack [1993] Harthouse UK/ Rising High (UK) Licensed from Harthouse (Germany)
21. Isla Gold – Up (Original Mix) [1993] Dataflow (UK) Licensed from Mainframe (Austria)
22. Total Output – 100% [1993] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
23. Brides Make Acid – Enchanted [1994] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
24. Critical Mass – Psychotic Break (Original Mix) [1994] Kickin Records (UK) Licensed from Dance International (Holland)
25. Laura Grabb – Force Factor [1993] Industrial Strength (USA)
26. Cyberchrist – Metempsychosis [1993] Djungle Fever (Germany)
27. DJ ESP – Least Expect It [1993] Drop Bass Network (USA)
28. LSD Psychology – Hell Gate [1993] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
29. 303 Abuse – Massive [1994] Shockwave (Germany)
30. Total Output – I.O.D. [1993] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
31. User 1 – Chaos Chamber [1993] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
32. Zekt – External [1993] Adam & Eve (Germany)
33. Woody McBride – Good Morning [1993] Drop Bass Network (USA)
34. Total Output – Pulse [1994] Outcast Clan Records (UK)
35. LSD Psychology – Conquest [1993] Outcast Clan Records (UK)

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